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Fall & Winter Rental Season At Litchfield

20 Jul 2017 | By: Courtney Martin

The Hammock Coast, comprised of the South Strand and locations including Pawleys Island, Litchfield Beach, and Murrells Inlet, is renowned for its idyllic, natural scenery, exquisite dining establishments, and exciting beachside attractions. While many may know this area as a vacation destination, it continues to draw in an abundance of permanent residents year after year as well. Although it may be easy to place emphasis on the ever-popular peak vacation season, as the countdown to the end of Summer dwindles, the demand for long-term rental properties becomes more evident.

Starting in late August and September, short-term, Summer vacations begin to lessen, as parents and kids prepare to return to their jobs and studies. However, this time of the year also brings in many new permanent residents who are looking for long-term accommodations. With Fall semesters beginning in mid-August, many post-secondary and graduate school students will be searching for long-term living arrangements that will continue on throughout the year. Additionally, many families move to new areas at this time of year, so that their children may get a fresh start in their new location. Regardless of a person's reason for relocating, your Litchfield Beach condo or home could be the ideal fit for new transplants to the area.

The Litchfield Company brings with it the knowledge and experience necessary to assist our homeowners with every aspect of the rental management process. Our team offers you direct access to our Homeowner Services Department, which works diligently to cover all facets of this procedure, delivering you the results that your property deserves. From utilizing meticulous tenant screening and selecting to maintaining the upkeep and functionality of your home to monitoring all earnings and expenses, the Litchfield Company strives to make the rental management process as straightforward and effective as possible.

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